Finding The Best Car Headrest Pillow

If you are anything like me, driving for extended periods of time is a pain in the neck. Literally. To help with this, you may need a car seat cushion or car headrest pillow.


Between the headrest and the back of the car seat, there is nothing there to support your neck while you drive. This makes it hard to maintain a neutral posture with your neck, which over an extended period of time will lead to neck pains. If you drive a lot, over a long period of time this can actually turn into chronic pain. By stabilizing your neck, it will reduce the amount of jerking experienced on your neck when driving on poor quality roads or in stop and go traffic. Even if you are driving at a steady speed on the highway, sitting for prolonged periods of time with no neck support causes pressure to build up over time, stressing muscles in your neck in shoulders, causing stress headaches. By relieving pressure, it promotes better blood circulation and easing stress.

When choosing a car headrest pillow, quality and fit matters. The standard “dog-bone” headrest pillow works great, but make sure to get one with a removable, washable cover. For the ultimate in comfort, a full headrest pillow is the best. The highest quality car headrest pillows are filled with memory foam. Memory foam is a special material that is reactive to body heat, which causes it to mold itself to the unique contours of your head and neck, while remaining firm enough to give you the support you need. If you have a shorter torso, a headrest pillow may sit too high on the seat and rest up against your head, actually making the problem of too much pressure on your neck even worse. One work around is to have a padded seat cushion, which may be a good idea anyways since they can help with lower back and hip pains caused by an older, worn out car seat that just is not giving you the support you need. Another is to use a standard cervix neck pillow that is generally used for long plane trips.

If you have a neck injury or are already experiencing chronic neck pain, you definitely need a car headrest pillow. They are very affordable, and with proper care will last a life time. A wide variety of high quality car headrest pillows available at a reasonable prices can be found at Amazon or Ebay or Best Pillow Reviews. They are available in a variety of colors, and some even come designed to look like cartoon pandas and white kittens, for those who feel their car needs more cuteness. To maximize stress relief and support, a car headrest pillow should be used in conjunction with a car lumbar pillow. The relief it gives to those with back and neck pain is widely reported by those who have tried it out, so if you have a long commute or simply want to maximize your comfort a car headrest pillow is for you.